Ceramic and mixed media sculpture

80 x 28 x 24cm

POA ( price on application )

Created as part of my 2022 solo show at Blue House Gallery, Schull, A LIfe at Odds

I was often told, outside of my family, that I ate the wrong way around. Is this possible? I always replied My mother is from America as if that explained everything, They set the table the opposite way around there! That’s not really correct, but so what? This general confusion with etiquette prompted me to research the differences between American and European/Imperial table etiquette, and there are some apparent differences. Both set the table the same, fork on the left, knife on the right, but the American use of cutlery is to shovel, with the fork prongs turned upwards for full use of getting the food onto the fork. Imperial use is more delicate, but in my view, less practical. Taking a lot of time to delicately force food onto the top of the fork, ridiculous when it comes to peas. And the constant changing back and forth of the knife from left to right depending on what you’re eating seems insane. So, I mix it up, flip it around, and use my fork for just about everything!

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