The waters and the wild


Description – Cast and modelled concrete sculpture, with ceramic figurines , on a steel and stone base.

This piece was created for the exhibition WaterLand, a collaborative exhibition between the Design Tower artists and 10 invited artists. Curated by Sarah Ross.
The inspiration came from the way that the waterways area in the Docklands was used by the immediate community.  The young people in the area used the space of the Basin as their personal playground, lounging in the sun, swimming off its edges, and diving from its bridges, and they have been changed into female figures. The central figure represents the mythical presence of the waterways, a spirit perhaps, creating a haven, a home, a demesne.

Materials – Fibre-cem concrete, ceramic, plaster, wire mesh, paint, steel

Exhibited –  Waterland, at the The Waterways Centre,  Grand Canal Basin , November 2013.



Dimensions: 60 × 50 × 96 cm

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