Ceramic  and mixed media sculpture, on a steel and ferro cement plinth

Dimensions: 60 x 18 x 28cm

POA ( price on application )

Created as part of my 2022 solo show at Blue House Gallery, Schull, A LIfe at Odds.

The mohauk is made from old lawn mower blades that I found on a green walk that went through a farmers yard. They were sitting there, amongst other rusty junk/treasure, and I asked the farmer, to his amusement if I could have them. They were the prefect pieces to complete this sculpture.

Anyone whose childhood involved spending time in the countryside, whether living there or on holiday, probably has memories of walking down narrow boreens, and ending up in a field, where an old car and possibly a tractor have been left abandoned, with grass growing up and around it. Sitting in the tractor seat or in the car and pressing the buttons, moving the old gear stick, all the moving parts. How fun that was! These abandoned pieces of the past, like the lost rakes and forks that are left in a hedge or down the bottom of the garden, have become pieces of golden rusty treasure that I started to collect years ago, and seemed the perfect addition to the sculptures to tell the story of a familier abandoned past.