I am the daughter of Earth and Water I and II


I am the daughter of Earth and Water I ( Red),  and II ( Blue)
( video from Montenotte garden sculpture exhibition 2023, with the Kildare Gallery)

Materials: Ferro-cement,  steel, acrylic resin paint

Dimensions: 178 x 18 x 37cm , and 186 x 18 x 37cm

€3200 each, discount for the pair, contact for details

Also available in bronze, contact for details

Evocative of Deities, standing resolute within the natural environment, and sacred due to their being understood to have had authority over the universe, nature and human life. I have come back to the theme of deities again and again in my work, there’s something almost supernatural and ephemeral that’s just out of reach, something I’m aiming to connect to.
For this series of sculptures I’ve been working with cast ferro-cement, creating a hollow sculpture, reinforced with steel bars running throughout the horizontal structure. I like to recycle as much dried rubble material as possible, and reuse it in new sculptures, preventing a little less waste from being discarded and going into landfill.


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