I would love to make a personalised piece for you.

Have you seen something you like, but its not available?

I create a lot of work to commission, allowing for bespoke pieces to be created, and tailored especially for you.

The process is simple, and can be done completely online.

Look through the archives, and if you see something you like, I can make a similar piece for you. This could be a Diva, head, bust, garden sculpture, or bronze.

Do you have an idea, for something completely unique?

I can work with you to create a tailored piece that would suit your style and colour .

Or maybe you want a Diva figure (full or on a stand) based on a photo, a unique wedding or special occasion gift that will last a lifetime.

Please note:

  • In the case of working from photos, please note I don’t create caricatures, but clothing, pose, hair colour and style will result in an artistic representation that will never age
  • In the case of recreating an archived piece, please note that while it is my intention to create something as similar as possible, there will be small differences.

For more information on the commissioning process, click here.

Commission a piece

If you would like more information on any of my work, or would like to commission a piece, please fill in the form belwo with as much detail as possible and I will be in touch asap to discuss, and give you a quote. Details should include colours, photos, ideas, dimensions, etc: