Artist / Sculptor / Designer / Maker

A  Jack of all trades, I’m at my best when surrounded by paint and clay, and mountains of found objects, everything within arms reach to select and connect together. I’ve always liked to get my hands dirty, and the physical act of mark making, digging with fingers, smearing, smoothing and tearing are intrinsic to the creative process, where repeated experimentation is key. My figurative practise has expanded from primarily clay based to a much more mixed-media approach, working with concrete, bronze, acrylic-resin, edible materials like chocolate, to projects in portrait-painting and print-making. My sculptures have won awards, are exhibited in Ireland and abroad, and can be found in various national collections, both private and corporate.
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Currently working towards various Christmas exhibitions, including the Blue House Gallery, Lavitt gallery, The Doorway Gallery and Gifted, in the RDS.