Ayelet Lalor

Artist / Sculptor /Designer /  Illustrator

My work has always been concerned with the human figure, used as a means of expression, and verbalised through the consious use of the drawn line and the sculpted medium.
The physical act of marking the material, digging with fingers, smearing and tearing to texture, or smoothing to refine are intrinsic to the creative process.
In recent years I have revelled in exploring new ways of working and experimenting, and, having worked primarily in clay, I now enjoy sculpting in other materials including concrete, wood and even edible materials like chocolate,  as well as diversifying into print, laser-cuts, painting and drawing.

I was born in West Cork in 1974, and studied at Grennan Mills Craft School and Glasgow School of Art, before receiving a BA and MA from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1996 and 2009 respectively.

From being selected for the NCAD 250th exhibition in 1996, and representing Ireland in the Philadelphia Museum of Art Crafts Fair in 2004, I have exhibited at the National Museum of Ireland, Gormelys Fine Art, RDS National Craft Awards, The Millcove Gallery and Farmleigh among others.
I exhibited in Sculpture in Context, Dublin on numerous occasions and recieved the large sculpture of distinction award in 2011, and was on the selection panel in 2012, and Chair of the Design Tower network for 2 years.
The work has been commissioned both publicly and privately, and collections include the OPW, Mason, Hayes and Curren and Limerick City Gallery, as well as numerous private collectors, from miniature ceramic busts to life size sculptures in clay, concrete and bronze.

For more information, you can contact me or ring 087 6485856.